Transformers Now in Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios’ launched the new ‘Transformers: The Ride-3D’ recently. At the launch, producer of ‘Transformers’, Steven Spielberg enjoyed the ride as a fan and appreciated Michael Bay’s creative input for the exciting 3D experience.

Many VIP’s and Hollywood celebrities attended the premiere of the Transformers ride. The 3D experience depicts Michael Bay’s mark of fiery excitement throughout the ride. People can feel rain, heat and wind throughout the ride, making it very realistic. The ride is based on the Hasbro toys which transform into robots. Bay, who is a professional action director, was chosen as the Creative Consultant for designing the thrilling ride.

Glen Morshower, who acted as General in-charge in ‘Transformers- Dark of the Moon’ blockbuster, asked if the people were ready for the thrill before he started the ride. The main idea of the ride is help Autobots save the earth from wicked Decepticons. It includes a mobile car which takes the people around the city, on the buildings and allows them to witness Autobots battling against the Decepticons. The whole ride is based on flight simulation technology.

Larry Kurzweil, who is the president of Universal Studios, Hollywood, agreed that he can never be bored of the ride though he has been on it almost a hundred times. He said that the ride is exciting because it makes you a part of the fight and it feels like you are giving your best to fight the Decepticons. The ride also has a great sensory overload, he added.

Anthony Anderson, who acted in the Transformers movie, agreed that it was exciting. The 3D experience made him feel like he was in the movie. You and your fellow thrill seekers can experience the ‘Transformers: The Ride-3D’ in the Universal Studios if you are planning a visit to Hollywood this summer.

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