‘Weeds’ to End after Season 8

‘Weeds’, which is a comedy involving a sub-urban mother who is a drug-dealer (played by Mary Parker), will go off the air after its eighth season. The show is highly popular and has received Emmy nominations for being the best comedy series.

‘Weeds’ has been a very popular show throughout its run and is known to be the longest-running comedy series. The creator of the show Jengi and David Nevins, who is the entertainment president, felt that it is the right way and the right time for ‘Weeds’ to end. Nevins feels that it is important to bring Nancy Botwin’s story to a rewarding conclusion for those fans that have been following the show from its inception. Jenji Kohan has always made sure that she surprises the audience at every step and the ending is sure to be spectacular, Nevins added.

New shows on Showtime channel include ‘House of Lies’, ‘Shameless’, and ‘Homeland’ which have been rated as the network’s top shows. ‘Weeds’ had around 7, 20,000 viewers in the last season. Nevins confirmed that the eighth season of ‘Weeds’ might be the last one. The seventh season of ‘Weeds’ took a three year leap where Nancy gets released from the prison after bearing her son, Alexander Gould’s, crime. Millions of fans are sure to be disappointed since ‘Weeds’ is likely to go off the air after its eighth season.

Justin Kirk and Parker have already started their post-Weeds career. Kohan is currently busy with her new project ‘Orange Is the New Black’ for Netflix which will be on air very soon. Kirk’s busy with his comedy ‘Animal Practice’ which will be aired on NBC.

Showtime is likely to air half an hour comedies like ‘Episodes’, ‘Nurse Jackie’ and ‘House of Lies’. But, will ‘The Big C’, which is reaching its season 3 finale on June 18 be aired immediately, is the question right now.

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