Worst Celebrity Dads in Hollywood

Dysfunctional parenting is very common in Hollywood, especially when it comes to the celebrity fathers. Not surprisingly, these celebrity fathers are seen more as a  burden to their kids, considering their bad parenting skills.

Charlie Sheen  was once the highest paid star on television and was paid almost 1.8 million dollars for each episode in ‘Two and a Half Men’. Brooke Mueller, his ex-wife who wanted child support for Sheen’s twins, dragged him to the court for justice. The Los Angeles court ordered Sheen to pay 55,000 dollars every month to Mueller. Sheen is reportedly on good terms with Denise Richards, his other ex-wife with whom he has two daughters.  He also has another grown up daughter named Cassandra.

Arnold Schwarzenegger once said that he deserved the anger of his friends and family for fathering his love child with his maid secretively. This news came across as a big shock for his wife Maria Shriver and his four children. It looks like Shriver always had her own suspicions regarding Joseph (Arnold’s love child), due to the striking similarity between him and her husband. The maid, Mildred Baena, said that she wanted Shriver and Arnold to patch up and live as a happy family.

John Edwards, a politician who is known as the ‘The Most Hated Man’ of America, is next on the worst celebrity dads in Hollywood list. He is loathed for his affair with Rielle Hunter, when his wife Elizabeth was suffering from breast cancer during his campaign for the President’s post.

He denied allegations that he fathered a child named Quinn with Rielle and remained stubborn that he was not the  parent. But after constant efforts by Rielle, he admitted that he was Quinn’s father. Cate, Edward’s eldest daughter, was ready to take care of her siblings Emma and Jack in case Edwards had to go to the prison. But unfortunately, he did not go to the jail.

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