Music Review: No Hope by The Vaccines

The band released their first album, with critical success, back last year. ‘What Did You Expect from the Vaccines?’ produced recognised singles like one of my favourites from the whole of 2011, Norgaard as well as greatly received tracks like ‘If You Wanna’, and ‘Post Break-Up Sex’.

Their latest, ‘No Hope’,  is an example of an energetic, humbling put together from their new album ‘Come of Age’.  However, the album’s title from which ‘No Hope’ was conceived speaks volumes for The Vaccines coming of age tailed dilemmas, especially in this single. It’s likely that muddled adolescents that pick up a copy of ‘Come of Age’ can relate.

The vocals provided by Justin Young have been reeled in and tamed. They’re soft, and utter a lot more confidence than the seldom seen 16 year old boy who scribbled down the lyrics. ”And I bet you don’t believe,” he sneers.

Yet, it can come across timid in nature. It avoids any dramatic, outspoken choruses which it helped set up in it’s slightly vibrant instrumental introduction. It’s similar to pointing in one direction, and in running another.

Treat it as a starter though, before anyone can dig into the main course.  Whilst this new effort isn’t raising the standards of English indie rock like the singles that came before, it’s just beginning to push it’s hands through the bars. ‘No Hope’ reveals bags full of potential and promise just before the full unveiling of ‘Come of Age.’ It strolls to receive an 8/10.

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