Gustavo Dudamel and El Sistema Rescue Children Through Music

El Sistema’s musical training in Venezuela is simply brilliant. It is renowned for the flagship orchestras throughout the world. Gustavo Dudamel, who is a product of El Sistema is the only known face when it comes to classical music. El Sistema has already rescued many poor children from involving themselves in criminal activities. José Antonio Abreu, who is the visionary founder of the program is respected by people all over the world.

The Big Concert took place in Stirling Castle as a part of the opening ceremony for the London 2012 event.. Before the orchestra gave their performance, it was announced that the Sistema’s Scottish youngsters from Venezuela would perform in Caracus next year. This was not small opportunity at all for these youngsters from Raploch, which is one of Scotland’s deprived areas.

Gustavo Dudamel

Gustavo Dudamel

The kids performed for Big Noise for around two minutes and it was monitored by Gustavo Dudamel himself. Best of Raploch’s performers got the opportunity to perform along with Bolívars in Beethoven’s Egmont Overture. This was the first visit for the Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra from Venezuela as well. This collaboration was the most stirring moment in the entire event. There were around 450 children from Raploch who played the instruments brilliantly and the audience applauded them with a standing ovation. El Sistema Scotland, started the musical project in 2008, through which these children started learning to play music and orchestral instruments in Big Noise Orchestra.

Big Noise has been the only regeneration venture in Raploch. El Sistema group has already considered to start such projects in other deprived Scotland cities. Richard Holloway, who is the chairman of Sistema Scotland said that the venture would mean something only if it stirs the entire country. He also said that he never thought that Raploch would meet the standards of Usher Hall, Royal Festival Hall and Royal Albert Hall.

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