Urs Blaser Turns Boat Into a Nightclub

Sound artist Urs Blaser has converted 80 metre East German boat into a nightclub. The boat weighs around 2500 tonne and is called Motorschiff Stubnitz. The boat will enter London in July during the Bloc festival. The Bloc festival will feature Snoop Dogg, Ricardo Villalobos, Steve Reich, Orbital and many other performers.

Previously, the Bloc festival took place at Butlins in Somerset and  festival is happening in London which is the capital city, for the first time. The event will be staged at London Pleasure Gardens in Royal Docks and is designed by Shangri-La group of Glastonbury. The  Motorschiff Stubnitz is sure to capture everyone’s attention at the festival. The boat will remind people of the world before modernization. When you visit the boat in Hamburg, you will see that the scene is entirely different.

Boat Nightclub

Boat Nightclub

The Stubnitz has also travelled to one of the busiest ports in Europe during the Elbjazz festival. If not for Urs Blaser, the boat would have travelled like nomad after the death of DDR. Urs Blaser saved the boat and is making great use of it. The Motorschiff Stubnitz has around hundred rooms and corridors. Blaser’s room is still named as ‘Kapitan’, but he feels that he does not deserve the title. Urs used to travel from one place to another composing industrial music before Stubnitz happened to him.

Blaser said that he was bored of travelling from place to place to compose music. The DDR boat which was getting dismantled, proved to be the solution. Blaser said that the boat is a cultural venture which  is a product of German reunion. Later, Blaser moved his entire family on-board. Blaser’s cultural venture involves travelling from one place to another and playing best music for the people. The crew includes paid, trained seamen and volunteers who are influenced by this cultural project.

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