Music Review: Crew Love (ft. The Weekend) by Drake

Drake rose from little known, Young Money Entertainment artist to rap and hip hop superstar, at the baby face age of just 25. Amazing what a few notable hook-ups with the likes of Lil Wayne and Rihanna can do for an artist, an I’m talking hook-ups in the musical sense.

In fact, he is so bloody famous, it’s possible for him to do nearly absolutely nothing on a track and get away with the bare minimum. Not for one minute would I be suggesting that he is not a workaholic, or lazy. But on this track, named ‘Crew Love’, his contribution comes and goes quicker than Olympic optimism. It makes the three minutes the song lasts for feel like thirty, measly seconds. However, his verse is indeed, top class. Proving that Drake, without the experience of the other sluggers in the game, can spar with the best.



With that said, the rest of the supplements supplied by The Weekend are nothing short of emotionally healing. It’s got that haze effect that’s all the more common in contemporary rap. After the opening trance like bass, the voice of The Weekend will literally massage the sides of your neck and welcome you to kick off your shoes and relax.

For a song that was obviously conjured up through fog blown from an illegally inhaled substance (obviously), it doesn’t do anything to disguise it. But, taken with that opinion, it’s impossible to be too harsh on it’s drawbacks. It was never intended to burst eardrums. Even with such little effort, and what feels more like a track by The Weekend rather than Drake, ‘Crew Love’ can hollow out the worst dejected feelings. It justs hoist itself over a six, and to a 7/10.

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