Bored of Boris’s announcements ahead of the Olympic Games


The more I hear Boris’s boring voice on the tannoy announcement at train stations, the more I dread the London 2012 Olympic Games.

I recently attended a training session for work in Islington. This meant getting a mainline train using South Eastern and then using the London underground to Angel.

Before I left my house, my mum informed me that there would be crowd testing happening at all the mainline train stations which included London Bridge a station I would need to go through on the way there and back. My first thoughts were GREAT.

London 2012 Olympics Logo

London 2012 Olympics Logo

I agree and understand that they have to test these new procedures but this close to the games, I thought they would have already done these tests.

How can I comment on the new procedures?

Well they are quite frankly stupid, long-winded and an extra headache. Everyone I spoke to who used the trains on this day said that the new entrances, exits and procedures were a huge inconvenience to their journeys. Why if you’re getting off a mainline train at London Bridge do you have to go down an alley out and round the station and back in another entrance to get to the Underground. The usual escalators were out of bounds.

On the way home going back into London Bridge station was just as interesting, you had to go through a certain door dependant on the platform. So first of all you need to know what platform you need which is not always possible, and then you have to hope that you get there before your train leaves, otherwise you are going back out and in another exit and entrance.

I totally agree that changes need to be made ahead of the large number of people who will be using the trains and tubes during the London 2012 Olympic Games, but all I can see for this is extra headache and very very unhappy commuters.

I am not looking forward to leaving extra early to ensure I get to work on time.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the London 2012 Olympic games. Were you caught up in Transport For London’s testing?
If so what did you think of the new procedures do you agree with me or not?

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