Get in Line and Settle Down with No Doubt

No Doubt finally returned with their hit single, “Settle Down” after more than a decade long wait. “Settle Down” is their first single from their new album “Push and Shove,” which drops on September 25. No Doubt has definitely not disappointed their fans by keeping the same reggae-pop beat to the song.

Gwen Stefani starts the song by chanting, “Get in line and settle down” in a choppy, island girl accent, which compels anybody to dance and shake their hips. Stefani, who had her solo career for some time including a few smashing hits, did not deteriorate for what she does best with her band mates, which is to produce reggae-pop dancing hits.

No Doubt's new single "Settle Down"

No Doubt Settle Down

Their new song also gives a positive message to their fans. When Stefani sings, “I’m fine (and nothing’s gonna knock this girl down)/I’m hella positive for real/I’m fine (and nothing’s gonna knock this girl down)/It’s kind of complicated for sure,” she sings about being headstrong and keeping positive, even though some things are complicated.

In the chorus, Stefani expresses her desire to finally make a commitment (“But you can see it my eyes, you can read on my lips/I’m trying to get a hold on this/And I really mean it this time/And you know it’s such a trip/Don’t get me started/I’m trying to get a hold on this). She’s willing to make that change for her lover. In other words, Stefani is waiting for her man to, “get in line and settle down,” as well.

No Doubt are bringing their groove back and I cannot wait for their new album!


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