Boosting the brain at lunch.

Why is it that when we are bored, we tend to eat?

Comfort food/food for distraction/junk food, etc. When we are bored at work or college or university, something to pass the time is to have lunch but what we really need when we are bored is to boost our brain, keep us working and make us last throughout the day! With tiredness nearly always looming behind our eyes, it’s quite beneficial to munch on those foods that will boost our brain power, keeping us energetic throughout the day.

Surprisingly, there has been a lot of food that have been scientifically proven to help do exactly this. Although reading through the reports may not help us that far, with the jargon and scientific babble; but eating the fruits they suggest may not go a miss! Read on through the summaries as to what will keep your brain buzzing throughout the day.

Brain Food

Brain Food

Blueberries popped up on a lot of the research I found, and according to an American University, improve our short term memory loss (great for those long college days). They also increase the number of cells in the part of our brain which is responsible for memory. Have a tendency to forget those tedious and menial tasks at work? Have blueberries for breakfast and that might no longer be a problem.

Along with Blueberries, we have another two B’s – Banana and Broccoli. Not together (I hope), but these fruit and veg are both known for their high levels of potassium. Broccoli tends to enhance our cognitive functions, or so they say, whilst bananas help our brain to transmit messages faster and more effectively. What better way to start your day? Although I must say, snacking on Broccoli during lunch doesn’t quite have the same effect as cake…

Two more additions to the lunch box: tomatoes and pumpkin seeds. In the long term, tomatoes have been proven to protect the cells which tend to occur during dementia whilst pumpkin seeds enhance our thinking skills – which are always handy. So although tomatoes, blueberries, seeds and broccoli don’t seem like the perfect combination to take for lunch, having one of them each day surely can’t do any harm. It’ll keep your brain on full speed and make sure there’s no tiredness and slacking during the day.

Foods to avoid?

  • shellfish
  • coffee (waaahh)
  • ice cream
  • artificial flavourings

So although we may think Ben and Jerry are our friends, and that caffeine is the answer to nearly all of life’s problems… it’s not always the way.

Have a try of those boosting-brain-power foods to give you that buzz. It’s not to say that eating broccoli will turn you into a college-genius but why not give it a try


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