Trials and tribulations of bagging that all important internship

I’ve recently completed my degree in Magazine Journalism and I’m now on the hunt for the next step towards my dream career. Every few days I sit down in front of my laptop, fire up the same websites and tirelessly search for anything that may be of interest to me. Searching for internships and jobs isn’t as easy as some people make it out to be. Sometimes there’s nothing out there, sometimes there’s loads but for whatever reason they may not be suitable. I’ve lost count of how many I’ve actually applied for and heard back from; the majority just can’t be bothered to let you know that you haven’t been successful. Occasionally I’ll get the ‘thanks for applying, but you haven’t been successful this time’ email, and my heart sinks every single time.

How long is it going to be before I get a break? When will it be my turn? I see fellow course mates bagging jobs and internships, and I can’t help but feel green with envy. Obviously I’m extremely pleased for them, but it’s also tinged with jealousy. Why wouldn’t it be? It also doesn’t help when people from my home town continuously ask me if I’ve found a job yet; no I haven’t landed a great internship, you asked me that question only two days ago, so please stop harassing me. I know they’re only interested, but my god it gets tedious.

I understand I’ve got to be patient, and I know something will finally turn up, but I know I won’t be alone in saying that sometimes it just gets so god damn disheartening. Companies claim they are looking for people with experience, but how can we get experience if we aren’t given a chance to shine? I can write, I can interview people, I can design, I can use up to date programs, I get on with most people and I make a bloody good cup of tea. What more do they want?

I’m a bit of a planning freak in that I’ve already got the next ten years of my life sorted out. I want to be living in London by next summer, stay there for approximately three years, move to New York by the time I’m 26 and be working for American Glamour. (Just think Devil Wears Prada).

So you see, I’m extremely dedicated to what I want out of life and I know where I want to be. I’ve just got to sell myself a little bit more, and show these companies that I am what they are looking for.

I wonder if Anna Wintour will hire me?

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