Music Review: Karmin – Brokenhearted

I first came across Karmin, when my room mate at university asked if I has seen ‘the amazing girl’ who rapped Busta-Rhymes and Chris Brown fluently. I looked ‘Karmin’ up and found a fair few videos of these two people performing covers of chart hits. The duo to my surprise, they were actually pretty good. The band consist of a romantic couple, Amy Heidemann whom sings and raps and Nick Noonan who occasionally contributes to the harmonies, plays piano and some sort of hand drum. Some of their covers I wouldn’t have minded buying and replacing them with the original covers I had. When they released their first song  ‘Crash your party”, I was a little bit disappointed with the outcome because it really didn’t feel like it was theirs and seemed way to cheesy to even consider liking.

Night before being left brokenhearted

When I first heard that Karmin had released a second song and it had been on UK television, I was intrigued to find out what it sounded like, as the first one was a bit of a flop for me.

The track starts off with a good hard hitting beat and catchy tune, which is a number one check on my list of what makes a good song. Amy then sings her first verse, leading into a rap. Now this is the Karmin I know and love. The song then repeats this pattern, giving it all the elements which makes is a great sing-along which you imagine driving along to, screaming out to your fellow passengers.

The song has a Nicki Minaj feel to it by popping in the rapping verses but still has the good old pop song features, which to me switches it up a little, giving the recent chart a bit of a change.

I do think however, the random, English accent ‘Cheerio’ at the end of each chorus is a little unnecessary, but I guess this is what gives them their own original twist.

The song is typically girly, questioning the night before, and if this guys she supposedly had a good time with will text her the next day. The lyrics suggest she has become psycho over the fact, she isn’t receiving any sort of communication from this guy. I will be honest, as much as I hate to admit it, and I know other girls do this to, I have once or maybe twice become possessed by the thought and questioning if a particular guy will ever text me.  This is what makes it so feel-good and relate-able, because you know you’re not alone! The best thing about the song is that it has a good vibe, with a fast-beat tune which you can dance too. Not making it a soppy and depressing love song, which we have far too many of these days.

Overall, I think it’s nice to see some raw talent that has been noticed pulled into today’s chart, bringing new competition to the field. It’ll be interesting to see how well it really does, and if their future releases will be more hip-hop with the rapping contribution than pop. 8/10

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