Chlorine Holiday Hair Nightmares!

Chlorine Holiday Hair Nightmares:

One of my personal favourite times of the year is going on holiday in the summer. It’s that chance to relax, rewind and of course get a fabulous tan!  Due to the intense heat of these countries, most people go into the pool or sea to cool off many, many times in one day.  However, the chemicals and chlorine in the pool and salt in the sea play havoc with your hair. Chlorine’s main fault is how much it dries the hair out.

Dry Damaged Hair

Swimming everyday makes us more likely to be washing our hair everyday too, which means that we are stripping our hair of any natural oils it has and needs to stay in a good condition.  This makes the hairs appearance very dry, especially at the roots and ends of the hair creating frizz which feels uncontrollable.  There are two solutions which will not fully solve the problem, but will hugely help your hair:

1) When washing your hair, use conditioner, especially if you have mid to long length hair.  Conditioner is primarily just grease so stimulates the oils in your hair.  Also, if you put the conditioner in from the middle of your hair length to the ends, it really helps to condition them well rather than making your scalp overly greasy.  Conditioners main job is for dry and damaged hair which is normally what happens when you’re in amongst heat, so it’s an important step to be taking.

2) Use hair oils like Moroccan Oil or VO5 Elixir Oil.  If you are on a more limited budget VO5 Elixir oil would probably be better for you to use, but the two products essentially do the same thing, and there are so many more products similar to this coming out now.  Use a pea sized amount after washing when your hair is damp, as it helps put moisture back in the hair, repairs any damage and controls any fly-away frizz.  You can also use these products as styling products, use it the same way as you would if your hair is wet, but DO NOT concentrate on the scalp/crown area.  Concentrate more on the ends of your hair as they will be the areas which will be in the worst condition.  The oils really make a huge difference to your hair (abroad or not) and are also great value for money, so you can’t really go wrong!


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