When Prince Harry met: Well, just about the whole world

Prince Harry certainly has been causing controversy this week hasn’t he? But what is all this fuss about? It goes without saying that every website, newspaper and social networking site has been fixated with Harry’s fun and frolics, prompting a clear divide in opinion. With one public view revelling in the fact, Harry is a Royal and has a duty to uphold as third in line to the throne. The opposite opinion is defending his position as a 27 year old singleton, off duty, entitled to let his hair down (and the rest!). Furthermore, social networking sites have had Harry in full discussion with #HarryForKing trending; some would argue this has increased his popularity. So which side do you rest with?

Understandably, Harry’s royal status and influential position in society, immediately instigates the view that he should maintain a composed and reserved persona at all times.  However, although this is expected, is this fair?  Notably, Harry’s position as Prince was never one that was chosen but one that was given to him, out of his control. Could one not argue, the work he does for our country and the support he gives whilst in the public eye is respectable enough, yet when not working, one can understand why Harry wants to live life away from the practices and procedures of royal duties how he chooses, no?  Is this new era of Royals, representing a more modern, down to earth image? Highlighting that, although this is a family of prestige implemented in society to govern our country, on the other hand, are the boundaries being blurred slightly between the everyday citizen and the reverenced Royal? Okay, I am not saying that I am on par with the Princes and Princesses of Buckingham Palace, but what I am trying to endeavour is whether what used to be a clear divide between royal and regular, is now being replaced by a more accessible world in which the Royal family are not expected to socialise in solely elite ways, outside of their working image.

I suppose, away from royalty, this includes Members of Parliament equally. With Barack and Michelle Obama caught on Kiss Cam during a basketball game, stories sweeping newspapers about David and Samantha Cameron’s plans to holiday in Cornwall or abroad, Kate Middleton being papped for shopping in Waitrose, not to mention the fashion war stories between Sam Cam, America’s First Lady, Kate and Pippa Middleton, even the Queen.  I think it would be fair to say, the boundary between a private and public life is not so far apart anymore. Do these actions not represent the everyday normality we also involve ourselves in? Are these leading figures reaching out to the public by seeming to be on the same level as them?

With some people stating that with the high security of people around him, if Prince Harry really wanted to have a private party, he could have done so. Yet maybe he doesn’t mind the hype, we just don’t know.  However inappropriate some may find this, to me, I see a young guy wanting to have fun with friends. Yes, he is a Royal, and yes he has duties to uphold, but when not working, is he not just entitled to have fun like the rest of us?

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