Natural Beauty – Homemade Skin Care

Simple naturally sourced solutions to save your money and your skin!

We all worry about the beauty products we use; the chemicals involved, and the long term affect this can have on our skin. I’m a tried and tested supporter of the recommended skin care routine – cleanse, exfoliate, tone and moisturise, with the occasional face mask thrown in when you need a bit of rest and relaxation. If you stick firm to this routine, and scrub away at your skin twice a day, it doesn’t take long to lose track of the ingredients which these various products include.

Fear not, there is an alternative! A quick hunt online produces an array of natural homemade concoctions to replace the store brought products. Unfortunately I’m not one to be searching to the stores for obscure ingredients, and I don’t have the time for the peeling, mashing and blending involved in the more complex creations. So I’ve stuck to some ready-made alternatives which are cheap and easy to find; you probably have some in your kitchen already.

Here are my natural, simple and easy to use solutions for the 5 stages of my skin care routine.

1) Cleanse

Tea tree oil is a brilliant natural cleanser. Dilute with water and spread over your face with cotton wool, wiping away make up and impurities. Tea tree is an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, so if you are prone to acne and other skin problems, this remedy is packed full of nature’s best support. Pure tea tree oil can be too harsh for sensitive skin, if you find this is the case then simply dilute with water, or just apply topically to affected areas.

2) Exfoliate

Exfoliating is an important part of any skin care routine as it scrubs away dead skin cells, revealing the fresh glowing skin underneath. A natural alternative to the store brought exfoliating scrubs can be found right in your kitchen. There are two great choices available, sugar (white or brown) or sea salt. Simply mix together with some olive oil to create a paste which can be used as a natural exfoliant. For best results apply directly to your skin and massage in a circular motion towards the outside of your face, focusing on problem areas such as the T-Zone. Wash away with warm water and watch your skin glow!

3) Tone 

Lemon juice is nature’s ready-made toner; the citric acid effectively tightens pores and fights impurities. Toning closes the pores after cleansing, which stops makeup and dirt from penetrating into the deeper levels of your skin. Wipe lemon juice over your face using cotton wool and feel an instant tingly tightness. If you have sensitive skin and find the acidic content of lemon juice irritating, then simply dilute with water. Wash away any residue with cold water, and your skin should feel smooth and fresh.


4) Moisturise

Every skin care regime should be finished with a moisturiser. Cleansing and toning can dry out the skin so you counteract this with a burst of moisture to get that fresh faced glow. Moisturising also creates a better base for makeup. Head back to the kitchen and grab the olive oil, spread a small amount onto your face and massage in to any dry areas. Leave to soak in for the full effect, or wipe off any excess if you are planning to apply make-up immediately after. This natural trick should leave your skin soft and smooth, without the use of any harsh chemicals.


5) Mask

Sometimes your skin needs an extra helping of moisture and indulgence, and a face mask is a pampering favourite. Stick to your natural routine by using honey or yoghurt as a thirst quenching mask. Apply your chosen ingredient directly onto your face, ensuring even coverage. Lie down and relax, letting Mother Nature do all the work. For a refreshing and relaxing feel, rest slices of cucumber over your eyes. When you feel fully pampered simply wash off your natural mask with warm water and reap the benefits.

If you stick to this natural regime you won’t have to worry about the impact of chemically produced products on your skin. You will have a fresh, natural glow and peace of mind about the ingredients you’ve used. If you can’t wave goodbye to your store brought products just yet, then why not give your skin the occasional break by indulging in these natural home-made remedies.
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