The Style Influencer: Yasmin Sewell

Yasmin Sewell is an Australian fashion retail consultant, and creative  advisor for various fashion brands. She is currently based in London, where  she moved at the age of 20 from her hometown of Sydney, Australia with her husband, actor Rufus Sewell. By the age of 15 Yasmin began working for an estate agency McGrath Partners, where she spent three years.

I fell in love with her when I saw picture of her at Australian Fashion Week in 2011. I immediately loved her sense of style and effortless ensembles. She always manages to look so radiant and friendly. I’m always checking out her instagram for some daily inspiration and glimpses of her life.

The style influencer started her consultancy in 2008 after owning a Soho boutique called Yasmin Cho, which she set up in 1999 at the age of 22. Yasmin launched designers such as Rick Owens at her boutique. When she was 24 Sewell closed the boutique and returned to Sydney  where she worked as a stylist and a personal shopper for celebrities. She is a cosmic fashion traveler in my eyes.

Sewell was also the head buyer for Browns’ boutiques for three years.

Yasmin is a true inspiration and style maven. The  love of fashion began for her in 1983 when she watched her mother make ball gowns. It was in her teen years,  while working at the estate agency she realized she wanted to work in the fashion industry. I see nothing but continued success for Mrs. Sewell in her career.

Yasmin Sewell was named Young Australian of the year in 2012, for her contribution to the fashion industry.

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