Sweater Season! Men get your sweaters on

Ah, the most glorious time of the year is almost upon us… Sweater Season. Freakin’ Sweater Season! Along with the crisp air and pumpkin spice coffee that Fall brings, The Sweater is really why I love this season the most. I’d dive into a pile of them right now if I could… forget a mound of freshly raked leaves. I want sweaters. Lots and lots of sweaters. Sweaters for all!

Mens sweater season

There’s just so many colors…

And not just any colors… but the best colors. The rustic, earthy and sturdy tones that define this season. It’s the dignified yellows, oranges and reds that are back. It’s the goldenrod, burnt orange, and maroon… beiges, tans, and woody browns that bring me so much joy. And when found within the threads of a cozy knit sweater, the combination of color and fabric just makes me want to puke with contentment. Not only that, but it makes virtually anyone look appealing …

Guys in sweaters. 

Around this time of year, I swear I find nothing more attractive than a guy sporting a fitted sweater, knit cardigan or even a sweater vest. At first, I thought it was just my Harry Potter fetish manifesting itself, but then I found I was not alone. There are more than a few tumblrs dedicated solely to men in sweaters featuring the likes of James Franco and Kristian Matsson. So someone understands me. Sweaters can just make anyone look… casually distinguished. Or rustically refined. Or something. Whatever it is, I advise all males to trade in their collared button-ups for a lovely fall sweater this season. You’ll thank me later.

Subtly sexy.

For a girl, spring and summer tend to mean a substantial loss of clothing. But come Fall, it returns! Hurray! I’m all for a fun sundress, but it when it comes to short shorts and tank tops, ladies just can’t have a fat day in the summer. And when it gets to be in the upper 90s, a flattering knee length dress is just smothering. That’s why the sweater is incredible. Although it can be a turtle-neck or long-sleeved, it can still be fitted and constructed to look flattering without being too sexy. The silhouette is just nice, and it makes girls look attractive and stylish, rather than revealed and exposed.

James Franco sweater


The sweater is the epitome of coziness. It exudes cozy. Even drinking a cup of coffee on a crisp fall day would be nothing without a warm, cozy sweater to do so in. The thick, warm fabric hugging your skin and deeming a jacket unnecessary just makes it that much more enjoyable. And almost any activity becomes more “Fall” with it. Whether it’s walking your dog or picking up your dry cleaning, a sweater makes even the most mundane task quaint and charming. Vice versa, it’s near impossible to do any autumn activity without one. Just try and rake a pile of leaves or drink a cup of hot apple cider without a sweater… I guarantee it won’t be as fun. The mental picture alone just makes me sad.


So there you have it…. sweaters. The Fall wouldn’t be the same without them, and I plan on wearing one all day and night until Spring. Or at least until someone pries them out of my warm, cozy and contented fists.

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