Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are a key fashion statement for Spring, Summer and pretty much any day where the sun shines through.  There are different types of maxi dresses and certain suit different body shapes and sizes better than others may do.


Maxi dress for slimmer ladySlimer Lady:

This dress shows a perfect example of a slimmer lady wearing a maxi dress.  Sometimes on slimmer people they can swamp the body and make it look like you have no features, which is why this is perfect because the belt around the middle cinches the waist in, showing off the hour glass figure that is underneath.  The basic colour of the dress means that the attention is being drawn to any certain areas and makes everything effortlessly tie in together.




Maxi dresses for curvy women.Curvy Lady:

If you are a more curvy lady, you need to look at slightly different dresses to suit you and your body shape.  Its very important if you have large bust to get a dress with a ‘V’ neckline, as this will accentuate your bust and create more attention to that area compared to others which you might be less confident about.  Also, having detailing under the bust can help to show of your waistline.  Having a busy/floral print is key, means that the dress isn’t just sitting in one place, the attention is everywhere due to the busy pattern, which makes it much more flattering.

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