This week my boyfriend took me to… ZIZZI’S

My boyfriend had just landed himself a cool brand-new job. And so we thought let’s go out for dinner and celebrate! We chose Zizzi’s (as you can gather from the title…). As we all know Zizzi’s is known for their amazing Italian dishes all over the country. However, what they failed on this time was everything but the food.

We step through the door (okay, it was slightly, very slightly busy) but we had to wait ten minutes for the waiter to come over. A queue had formed behind us. And the waiter was seen as hesitant to come over.

Ordered our drinks straight away, we were celebrating honest! But we favoured towards our normal glass of Coca-Cola for him and an exciting glass of tap water for me. This came about half hour later, which I always tend to take as a bad omen. Roughly drinks should arrive way before you’ve had time to wonder where they are!

Zizzi Restaurant

We remained seated and chose our food, for our starter we opted for our favourite – the classic garlic bread. Then for our main he had la rustica pizza Trentino – baked buffalo mozzarella, plum tomatoes and Grana Padano with fresh rocket and cured speck as the finale. And I chose penne della casa – smoked pancetta, chicken and baby spinach in a creamy mushroom sauce topped with Grana Padano.

All sounds very delicious; however, it’s not just the food I care about when I go out for dinner. It’s all the other little things that make the meal worthwhile; waiters’ manners, the lighting, the immediacy with your drinks and/or order. If one fails the whole meal fails.

Okay, so as you know the immediacy for the waiter to get us seated was not seen, nor was it seen to get us our drinks in time.  However, when it came to giving us our meal within the appropriate time they failed dramatically. I’d understand fully if it was out-the-door crammed busy, but it wasn’t, and I wouldn’t be so upset if it was just one person getting their meal before us (had we ordered before them). But it wasn’t that busy, and it wasn’t just one person. My boyfriend and I were waiting for our meal, whilst watching three groups who had entered the restaurant AFTER us get their main meals before us.

We were clearly forgotten about, or they made the mistake of messing up the order of the meals coming out. However this is unforgivable, this has happened numerous of times before. The food’s too good, that’s why I keep going back.

But that was the last supper; my relationship with Zizzi’s is over.

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