Women’s Winter Fashion

At the moment, in England, we are stuck in that awful in-between in terms of the seasons. Yes, it’s still the end of summer so should we bring out the summer clothes? But it’s so cold outside some days, so should we be wearing boots and jumpers? My opinion is that, unless it really hot and we can wack out the shorts and sunglasses – then I’m pretty much ready for winter.

I love winter clothing, and mostly because knitwear is great, so varied and loved by everyone really. I always think that there is a lot more choice to wear in winter – we can wear more clothes and take advantage of the different layers we can wear. Here are a selection of the best bits of women’s winter clothing:

Chunky Knitwear:


1. Dorothy Perkins – £28
2. New Look – 24.99
3. Dorothy Perkins – £32 

Warm boots:


1. Dorothy Perkins – £45
2.Miss Selfridge – £65
3. H&M – £29.99 

Chunky Socks:

1. Asos – £7
2. New Look – £3.99
3. River Island – £15 

Thick Leggings:

1. River Island – £22
2. New Look – £12.00
3. Topshop – £18 

 These have to be my favourite pieces of winter clothing – leggings with nice thick socks under boots and a nice chunky cable-knit jumper.

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