Album Review: The Light Between Us by Scouting For Girls

At first appearance, the hideous album title puts even the most pain receiving listener to the challenge. The track listing follows suit, with such superb names like ‘Rocky Balboa’ and ‘Summertime In The City’. Since Roy Stride has written for One Direction, what’s to expect? Oh boy was I in for a treat.

And that little fact follows nicely into the opening track. ‘Without You’ is an adolescents pipe dream, with the lines ”I want you back…naked!” But it’s fitting of an introduction to ‘The Light Between Us’ as the whole thing is a infantile playground of dodgy lyrics with a perky inclusion of keyboards. ‘Summertime In The City’ immediately degenerates into ”girls dress hot, boys go silly.” Just after those two songs, I wanted to hurl the CD straight through the window.

Scouting For Girls.

Remember that this is after all, the difficult third album. But Scouting For Girls haven’t progressed beyond ‘Elvis Ain’t Dead’, all the way back in 2007. All this is okay if mindless keyboard pop is your thing. But the predictable nature of all of this is ever so horrific, and actually a little scary. Look at the songs titles, and that’ll most likely be the songs chorus. ‘Downtempo’ is down tempo. ‘Rains In L.A’ is about it raining in Los Angles, and ‘Summertime In The City’ is about, well… yawn.  

If it’s the fluttering clatter of keyboards that tickles your fancy, then welcome to tween indie-pop paradise. The best track is the one that the album was named with, although the fact it was 1:34 may of been something to do with it.

It’s downfall is that it aims to be an album full of singles. Funny enough, that’s what Roy Stride said he was aiming for. On a high note, Stride’s voice compliments the chirpy disposition of the album, however agitating after track two.

The truth is, I struggled to give it my full attention after the ‘Summertime In The City’ debacle. Needless to say, the whole episode passes over like a weak breeze. Instantly forgettable, and as floppy as a newly caught salmon. 2/10.

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