Rejection, rejection, rejection

Rejection, rejection, rejection…How are any of us ever to improve without any constructive criticism. Being rejected is a cold and harsh reality of everyday life.

BUT, where is the light at the never ending tunnel, that eventually helps us to realise where we have gone wrong, and how we can avoid the same old heartache. Rejection is something that most graduates are used to. I know that the media industry is one of the hardest fields to progress into and I am ready for that challenge. Like most people I have good and bad days, I would just like to see more good than bad, that would make me a happy girlie.

Job rejection

A quote i’ve heard a few times is “Don’t let temporary rejection decide your permanent direction, a no is just a test to see how much you want a yes.” Although sometimes no matter how positive and ready to face the world you are it isn’t always that easy.

Training our brains will take time and I finally feel like I’m getting there. I started writing a  journal last October but it’s been neglected, recently I decided to put pen to paper again and letting out my frustrations has been a great help, so I would definitely recommend it obviously blogging helps too.

The main reason for this post was that I recieved a very nice feedback email that made me see my application and my own ability in a whole different light. I no longer felt like a failure that was destined to never fulfil my dream. It’s remarkable what a few choice words can do for your self esteem. Nowadays jobs that would have originally only had a handful of applicants now have hundreds and sometimes small things like whether you can drive or not are the only deciding factor for or against you.


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