Facebook Filter: Boring posts will be no more!

Today I saw a photo of my ex in a onesie. Whilst a pleasant reminder of why he is my ex it also reminded me of the little I care for seeing him in a onesie. Or his breakfast. Or my friend’s new flat pack furniture (with accompanying cats). Nor do I care for photos of your baby cousin, new car or friend who fell over when drunk. (Though in fact the malicious streak in me would be amused by the latter)

Not that I’m going to delete them. Unfriending is a harsh punishment for occasional mild tedium. I just wish I had some kind of filter for dull posts. Of course, I’m guilty of them myself… I’m forever responsible for “I’m on a train! Chooo chooooo” posts. But I wish for the same filtering system for others! May we forever ramble on into the nothingness of the internet.

Facebook is capable of stealing knowledge from my internet history to fuel adverts (namely bacon, porn and Pokémon) so why can’t if understand that I have no interest in onesies, cars, babies, the hundredth picture of that band you really like and the fact that so-and-so just checked in at “my bed! lol”? Even my best friends post things that make me despair so this service could even stop a few murders! Or at least… stop me shouting “I don’t care!” at my laptop and becoming quietly infuriated with them the next time I see them. Getting annoyed at someone for a Facebook post is almost as bad as being angry for something they did in a dream.

“Did you see that cute photo of Kirsty’s kitten last night?”

“Nah, I totally Facebook Filter any feline related posts.”

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