Is it time to ditch the pre-match handshake?

Is it time for the FA to call it a day with pre-match handshakes? Now if you are bemused by my post then you’ve obviously missed all the controversy surrounding the game between QPR and Chelsea.

Anton Ferdinand refused to shake John Terry or Ashley Cole’s hands before the game in their first meeting this season. The new animosity follows Anton Ferdinand’s accusation that John Terry racially abused him during a clash last season. (I won’t be saying my actual thoughts on the incident). To be perfectly honest following the whole handshake bust up between Luis Suarez and Patrice Evra the FA should have stepped in and stopped it there and then before it could get any worse. The pre-match handshake has not got long-standing tradition within the beautiful game as it was only introduced in 2004 as a gesture of goodwill.

John Terry Anton Ferdinand

John Terry was cleared of all charges over the summer, and it was made apparent early on that considering the fact their could be repercussions from what happened last season the pre-match handshake still took place.

Yes, some players may not get on just like any of us in everyday life. However, when they act this way, How does this make them good role models for the young boys and girls that watch and love the beautiful game?. Is this why many youngsters decide to run riot. If John Terry and Anton Ferdinand can publicly have a spat why can’t they?. Is the latest controversial incident going to spark a trend within the Premier League?, as it seems Rio Ferdinand will also refuse to shake both John Terry and Ashley Cole’s hands when Chelsea face Manchester United.

Before the game QPR boss and former Chelsea player Mark Hughes stated that the build-up to the West London derby was ‘ridiculous’ he also said the handshake before Saturday’s derby tie was fundamentally flawed and risked showing disrespect.

After a fantastic summer of sport in London for the 2012 Olympics and paralympic games, this incident just makes football as a sport look bad. It surely is time to see some changes within the beautiful game.

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