London Fashion Week – How does it really work?

With the understandable buzz of London Fashion Week still hovering over us fashionistas, it lead me to investigate: What IS London Fashion Week and what is it all about? Sounds quite obvious right? But there are actually two versions of the fashion extravaganza.

To kick the events off, London Fashion Week opens with 110 UK and international designers showcasing their dedication to the fashion industry with incredible designs. This unforgettable 5 day fashion exhibition is solely directed at buyers, funders and investors, it is not open to the general public ( hold the weeping for a moment). This event is held twice a year with the Spring/Summer lines being presented in September and the Autumn/Winter lines being shown in February. This way, buyers and funders are kept on their toes with various contemporary intricate designs, flipping the trends of the season onto another temporary craze. During this amazing presentation of creativity, 5000 visitors are whisked in and out of the venue, which is mostly held inside Somerset House. These fashion obsessed visitors consist of buyers, reporters, fashion bloggers, journalists, photographers and TV crews. As you can imagine, London Fashion Week enjoys embracing digital broadcasting, as each event is streamed through their official website – a fab way to keep up with the trends.

With particular tickets to London Fashion Weekend, this Mulberry Shopper can be yours!

After all the graft and grind that takes place over these 5 days, London Fashion Weekend commences for the general public ( you can scream now – woohoo!). This retail based event gives us ‘normal’ folk a chance to gasp at the wonderful, previously presented designs. Moreover, this 4 day event allows us to experience ‘catwalk highlights’, pop-up shops and exclusive competitions and prizes. At affordable ticket prices of around £25, this event is literally open to anyone. More importantly, with certain affordable tickets, you receive a mulberry designed shopper’s bag as part of the extravaganza. Simply Amazing.

With over £100 million worth of orders made during the entire fashion event, it is understandable as to why notorious fashion designers chose to spend every waking moment up to the show, developing their amazing, breathtaking creations.


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