To study here or to study there?

‘Studying’ is always a good debate and provokes differing views; whether it is about the course subject or whether to study towards a Masters or PhD, it opens a dynamic conversation. One in particular is the benefits of studying abroad and how it can make you a well-rounded individual. Speak to someone of a different generation and they sometimes scoff and chortle, “a holiday more like!”

However, despite this view I believe there are many positives to studying abroad, such as:

  • Learning a new language and culture

Moving abroad instantly moves you out of your comfort zone or daily routine. You are thrust into a new world and must adapt. This includes learning the local language to communicate successfully with those around you. This is never a bad thing and having another language besides your mother tongue, may prove useful in the future.

  • Confidence

Not only do you immerse yourself in a new language, country and culture you have to change as an individual. Unbeknown to many, their confidence and communication skills drastically improve, as well as being more aware of surroundings and situations. These are attributes that cannot be taught in a classroom or an online tutorial, they are real life lessons.

  • Improve your CVs diversity

This is a matter of opinion and does come down to your employer’s point of view. Some employers revel in the study abroad experience on CVs and regard these candidates as outgoing, open-minded and enthusiastic individuals. However, some employers will see studying abroad as a ‘jolly’ or a ‘six-month holiday’, like a cobra, this is your time to strike! May sure you sell your experience. Everything in life contributes to you as an individual so your tailor your abroad experience to the job or opportunity you are applying for.

  • Meeting new people

It can never be underestimated how important it is to meet new people and extend your friend circle. It is cliché, but everyone is unique and holds different beliefs and values, so encountering these various people in our lives can develop us as individuals. It also opens your mind to new possibilities and views on life and everything in between!

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