Onesies Are The One!

Whoever created the onesie is a genius. Sure, they may look like oversized baby grows and they aren’t very convenient when it comes to going to the bathroom, but they are ridiculously comfortable and are positively perfect for snuggling into during the cold weather!

I purchased one last year purposely for a night out to mark a local nightclub’s first birthday. It was supposedly a baby themed event so my friends and I decided to buy onesies in order to go along with the theme. I opted for an aqua and black dotty number from Primark which was reasonably priced, yet looked quality.

When we got to the nightclub, completely kitted out with dummies and ponytails in our hair, we began panicking because no one else had even attempted to dress as a baby – there wasn’t one pink girlish bow or bib in sight. Inside the realisation that we were the only people in all-in-ones hit us hard as we received many confused looks and amused smirks from other clubbers.

Funnily enough, it didn’t faze us and we ceased to be embarrassed by it, instead we laughed it off and proceeded to have a really fun night. What was more, we had the last laugh as scantily clad girls were shivering in their miniskirts and micro-dresses at the end of the night whilst we were kept fantastically warm waiting for our taxi in the bitterly nippy winds. Of course I’m not suggesting that you ditch your little black dress in favour of your onesie – but I am highlighting their multi-purpose use and recommending them as fancy dress!

Maybe it’s just me being lazy and loving the simplicity of slipping into a soft, snuggly one-piece, but I truly do believe they are an essential item for your wardrobe. Instead of a pyjama day, have a onesie day – they will keep you warm and comfortable and are just so easy to wear.

You can get them in all sorts of styles; from cheap and pretty in Primark, to detailed, more expensive patterns from River Island, you are bound to find one to suit you. You can even get some with ears and feet, so if you fancy being quirky and really playing into the childish element of onesies, you can opt for the animal inspired styles (and keep your toes warm – result).

They’ve been around for a while but they are still prominent and they really will prove useful in the upcoming cold months. I’ve worn my onesie multiple times and I still find it utterly fabulous, and I will definitely be making full use of it this season. The weather may be getting more and more depressing, but it doesn’t have to affect your casualwear – liven it up by wearing vibrant, funky and snug onesies!

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