Cut the bullshit, we want the truth!

By Charlotte Jones.

Your phone rings and it’s a blocked number. This is it. You have been waiting for this all important phone call all day, or week. In a matter of seconds your heart rate has hit the roof and fingers are hesitant to push the answer button. After all, this short phone call could change your life!

“You were great, BUT unfortunately we have chosen somebody with more experience.”

These words are repeatedly recurring like a bad dream. Except this isn’t a nightmare, it’s the reality of many graduates today. Many prospective employers are using the excuse of ‘experience’ as a reason to not employ. I know, because I have also been on receiving end of this ‘so called’ feedback, since leaving university earlier this year.

In all honesty, I would rather an employer tell me they didn’t like the style of my shoes, the colour of my hair, or even I smelt awful (I would hope not) BUT at least then I could change this for my next interview. Like most graduates, I want constructive feedback.

It’s baffling to why employers invite you for an interview having read your CV and know what experience you have before you walk into that room. Frankly it’s a poor excuse, because experience doesn’t prove how good you are at something. Many graduates are hard-working, efficient and fast learners.

It’s expensive to get to interviews, so please save us the hassle. Cut the Bullshit and tell us the truth!

Do you think it’s a poor excuse? We would love to hear your story? Comment below…

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