Saying Goodbye Is Hard To Do…

You have always been there through the strenuous struggles, crazy celebrations, down days and nights out, no questions asked.

So this week came as a shock, when I realised I would have to make a sacrificing, although reluctant, goodbye. Nobody enjoys saying goodbye, do they? There are several ways this parting can take place. Some opt for the ‘no goodbye’ tactic, pretending ‘it’s not goodbye, it’s just goodbye for now’. However, this act of denial is to camouflage the fact that this really is farewell. Others really embrace the moment, breaking down in a waterfall of tears, clinging onto a life-sucking hug. Whereas some remain calm and professional with a simple ‘see you again’. All of which are acceptable exchanges of separation.

I usually like to truly take in the moment, possibly shed a tear (depending on who is leaving), go all out with a big hug and even embrace the hand wave. Why not? However, this time was a little different. This departure was difficult. Saying goodbye to the one who has dedicated years to you, spent those comfy sofa days in front of the TV with you and equally danced the night away until 5am, has always been there when no other has, doesn’t care what you eat or when or eat it, is happy not to see you for days, even weeks, and still understand they will never be replaced, the only one you allow to look at you without make-up in the mornings.

However, despite ALL of these things, sometimes you have to be prepared to expect the unexpected. Although proven to have been there through all of these moments, sometimes things become strained, damaged, are beyond repair. No matter how much care, attention and time we spent together, a hole formed which could not be fixed.  Something as simple as a tare, a hole, unfixable, ended our relationship.

That’s why I had to say goodbye, instead of trying to salvage something which had fulfilled its duties.

I’m really going to miss my favourite pair of jeans. Saying goodbye is hard to do…

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