Internet prank ends in Taylor Swift donating $50,000 to deaf school

Oh, internet. Once again you’ve done me proud. Remember when we voted remote Wal-mart branch Kodiak as the destination of choice for everyone’s favourite rapper, Pitbull? Well, he actually went.

What did the internet do next? We voted in a competition by Taylor Swift for VH1 Storytellers where she would perform at any school we voted for. And in a tongue-in-cheek effort, that has many Taylor Swift fans sulking, the internet stood up and decided to send Taylor to the Horace Mann School For The Deaf.

Taylor Swift

School principle, Jeremiah Ford has told the press “I could be upset about that, I could get stuck in that anger, but that’s not where we should be in this world. My thing is, we understand what your intent was — shame on you — because you have not been educated. But now we will educate you.” The principle explained how many of his students really enjoy live music.

Taylor and her management decided to disqualify the school on the basis that the votes were obtained by ‘immoral’ means but along with four of her sponsors including Papa John’s, Taylor donated $10,000 to the school and gave each student a free ticket to her next concert in the area.

So what began as a bad taste joke ended in $50,000 being donated to a very worthy cause. Turns out 4chan actually did some good. Who’d have thought?

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