Battleship – A DVD Review

Based on the classic board game, Peter Berg’s Battleship is a surprisingly enjoyable film.

When aliens attack a fleet of Naval destroyers, it is up to the hotheaded and rebellious Lieutenant Hopper (Taylor Kitsch) to save the world.

battleship movie

Hoping to win the hand of the Admiral’s daughter Sam (Brooklyn Decker), Hopper has to prove himself by leading the fleet and going up against the advanced weaponry of the aliens. At one point, he even plays an actual game of battleships with real battleships.

There is a lot of hectic editing, the alien ships look a lot like the Transformers and the whole film is very CGI-heavy. However, it is a typical alien film that really draws the viewers in and has them on the edge of their seats. With surprisingly good acting skills from singer Rihanna, a few predictable war movie lines from the characters and a hint of comedy, this film isn’t half as bad as previous reviews have made out.

The DVD features a number of insightful interviews and documentary from the cast and crew about the making of the film.

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