Choc Lit Publishing – A Review

The majority of women are suckers for two things; chocolate and the thrill and charm of a hero… a knight in shining armour rushing in to save the day.

The publishing company Choc Lit combines both these things, and produces romantic fiction novels by female authors whose stories’ include the point of view of a strong, male hero. The writers bear one thing in mind when writing their pieces; ‘where hero’s are like chocolate – irresistible’. This makes for novels that feature alluring, charming and seductive men, hooking a female reader from the start.

Established in 2009, this independent publisher has won many literary awards for it’s numerous books and every one features a heart-wrenching love story that will have readers praying for a happy ending.

Of the many books in Choc Lit’s current catalogue, I’m afraid to say I have only personally read three of them, but with each one I found myself not being able to put the book down and I was willing each love story to develop the whole way through.In each book, the male lead protagonist is dangerous and glamorous, but there is always a little bit of good in him that leaves hope into the reader’s heart.

In Never Coming Home by Evonne Wareham, where the hero Devlin helps single mother Kaz find her missing daughter, who she had believed to be dead for six months, his dark and mysterious past is both endearing and fascinating.

Similarly, in Run Rabbit Run by Kate Johnson, it is the good-looking Luke’s secretive career that stands to cause trouble for his girlfriend Sophie, who is on the run for a murder she did not commit.

The danger and twists present in each of these stories kept me on the edge of my seat and I just couldn’t wait to find out what would happen next.

In Never Coming Home, I was willing Devlin and Kaz to get together throughout each scene, for them to find the missing girl and be a family, but each new event added fresh doubt to that happy ending.

In Run Rabbit Run, the outrageous different situations that the enigmatic Sophie continued to find herself in made it seem more and more unlikely that she would ever get back home to the lovely Luke, which in turn made the book all the more captivating. But this level of high drama isn’t present in every Choc Lit novel, and sometimes it is just a simple love story that can capture the heart of the reader.

All That Mullarkey by Sue Moorcroft depicts the broken marriage of Cleo and Gav and her subsequent infidelity with the delightful Justin.

This is a narrative that most women can relate to, and the struggles that Cleo goes through to find her Mr Right is intriguing.

The draw of all the Choc Lit novels is that it leaves the reader wishing they had a strong, male hero in their own lives, and it is the thrill of losing myself in this imaginary world that will lead me to work my way through the majority of their catalogue of books.

There is something for women of every age, with novels ranging from historical to contempory and even the paranormal, so if your looking to curl up with a bar of chocolate and lose yourself in a good book, the Choc Lit novels come highly recommended from me.

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