Rewind Interview

Thanks to bands like One Direction, JLS and The Wanted, it’s official that swooning over boybands has become cool again. Founded in 2012, five piece Brit band Rewind are here with brilliant vocals, loads of charisma and yes girls, they are all single! The boys are- Ross 20, Robbie 21, Ben 21, Myk, 18 and Jake 18. Jessica Evans caught up with the lads after their gig at Liverpool Fashion Week.

rewind music band


What are the main musical influences that you have? 

We kind of take it from an old school vocal harmony groups, bit like Boys to Men. We all have individual influences too though goes from Celine Dion (laughs) had to mention Celine Dion! Mcfly, The Beatles and Michael Jackson.


Have you got any recent tours coming up or any singles/albums this year?

We are actually just in the studio this year getting our demo ready, getting our first single together. We did a little tour a couple weeks back so now we’ve done that we are just back in the studio.


What do you think about shows such as X factor and The Voice? Would you ever go on them?

Yeah well we all watch the shows, and we think they are great, but we sort of want to do it our own way ourselves. As a group though yeah we think its wicked but I don’t know if we would want to do it.  We are really lucky, we’ve got some really good people behind us, and our managers are really quite good. We are lucky that we haven’t had to go down that route yet.


Are the songs written for anyone special? I notice a couple of looks over at the girls while you were singing at the bar! Any girlfriends?! 

(All laughing) Aw they are actually just a couple of fans, they came in from when we were playing outside before. We just had to give them a special little moment! Unlucky for us we are all single, so bad times!


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