A not so Merry Christmas

I love Autumn and Winter. I love the fact that my scarf is taller than me, I love the X Factor and I love the fact that I can forget about having a bikini body. Well, not that I ever had a bikini body anyway, but it’s nice to know the pressure is off. I do however have a problem that seems to bubble to the surface mid October, every year without fail. Someone, somewhere utters the inevitable phrase, ‘Only [insert number here] sleeps until Christmas’. This October I’ve lost count of how many Christmas related Facebook statuses and Tweets that I’ve seen.

Perhaps it’s the sudden drop in temperature, but every year without fail, Christmas Fever hits a large percentage of people every October. Suddenly people have downloaded the festive apps off iTunes, the Facebook status tells everyone ‘how excited I am about Christmas this year!! I’m watching Elf because I’m so festive today. LOL’ and people can’t get enough of Christmas shopping.

Not so Merry Christmas

Last Monday I walked into Bhs to casually use their toilets (because that’s what Bhs is there for) and I was surprised at how much Christmas stuff they had out. Yes the big brown bear in the red scarf is adorable, but is there any need in the middle of October for all this stuff? Aisles and aisles of rubbish that we find appropriate for Christmas. “Of course my Dad wants a yearly subscription for Fishers Anonymous magazine. He doesn’t go fishing, but hell it’s on sale for Christmas”. There’s still 9 weeks until Christmas, we’ve got to get Halloween and Bonfire Night and The X Factor Final out of the way first. Can we not take it one over hyped occasion at a time? The supermarket aisles are starting to burst with Christmas goodies. Of course the supermarkets are ahead of the game and they started sneaking the Galaxy chocolate presents into the aisles back in August, but now they’ve got the October go ahead and are going all out. As soon as November hits the Christmas adverts will be on TV, and I’ll be screaming into a pillow at the sight of seeing some Z list celebrity telling me that if I start saving now, Christmas 2013 will be easier for me.

I’m not a Scrooge and I’m not The Grinch. Well maybe I’m the Octobers equivalent to The Grinch, I do essentially want to steal Christmas away for a few weeks, before kindly giving it back on November 25th. That leaves a full month of Christmas spirit. But then again maybe I am just a Scrooge, and I should lighten up and start tracking Santa on Google Maps. Besides, if the Mayan prediction comes true, we won’t even get a Christmas this year. Just to put a Scrooge like downer on things. Merry October guys!

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