Blogging: How It Can Lead You To A Path Of Success

People begin blogging for many reasons, be that personal, professional, and then there are people like me who not only blog as a past time that they enjoy, but see it as a way to help me get further on my career path.

Ever since I was a little girl I have loved writing. From a young age I have kept diaries, written letters to family around the country, and even family in other countries. I was the weirdo at college and university who loved writing a good report, and I had my dissertation handed in a week early. I just love writing. Then I discovered blogging; this whole new World of writing for me to explore.

Over the past year or so I have been playing around with setting up my own blog, and after a few failed attempts I have finally set up a blog of my very own in July this year, which I can truly say I am proud of, and although this blog is a bit of a baby compared to some of the other blogs out there that I read and love, it seems that people actually want to read what I’ve got to say!

Even though I have only started my own blog this year, I have been reading blogs for almost two years now, and within that time I have watched some fantastic blogs grow, and some of the ladies I follow have now been offered jobs in the areas of the industry they are passionate about due to sharing their passion through their blog.

From following these ladies over the past couple of years I have learnt that I too can use my blog as a tool to help me get further along the career path I have chosen.  If you haven’t already guessed what that path is yet, it’s writing.  I haven’t quite decided what sort of sector of the industry I would like to go into yet; in fact I am open to suggestions and to trying different areas of the industry out before setting my sights on one particular area, but for the time being I can share some pointers on how you can use your blog to help you get further down that road…

  • Include your blog in your CV.  If possible future employers can see that you use some of your free time to write a blog and review products, places, etc, it will show your passion for the industry you would like to build your future career in.
  • Guest blog!  It’s really fun to get involved in other people’s blogs when they may need a helping hand to maintain their blog (For example they may be going on holiday or may need time to work on their studies).  It is a great way to interact and network with other bloggers, build relationships, and get your blog noticed more as well.  On the other side of things allow other bloggers to guest blog on your blog as well, and return the favour when there are times when you may feel you need a bit of a helping hand.
  • Comment on other’s blog posts.  It is a great way to interact with other bloggers, and you never know who you might be interacting with, and what opportunities it could lead to.  If nothing else, it could lead to a great new friendship.
  • Get involved with projects other bloggers have set up.  I’m currently involved with an International Beauty Swap, where myself and another blogger put together a beauty box for one another and post them to one another to try new products, as well as taking part in a Secret Santa Box Swap, which is the same concept as the International Beauty Swap, except I will not get a box from the same person I am sending a box to.  Again, I don’t know where these opportunities may lead, and if all else fails I may end up making some great new friends.
  • Get involved with other activities as well (just like this!  Writing for Yuppee).  It’s more practice at writing, more you can add  to your CV, and leaves yourself open to more opportunities.  What’s giving a couple of hours of your day to write an article once a week for a successful online magazine like Yuppee, if it helps lead you to your dream job in your future?

There are other things you can do on top of blogging to help you further along your path to success as well, such as attending events you may have been invited to through your blog, whether that be events set up through other bloggers, or events set up by PR and Social Media companies.  Attending events like this is a great way to network with people in the industry and meet others who share interests with you.  There are also internships you can get involved with as well, at magazine and PR companies.  These are all great ways to get an understanding of how the industry works.

So what are you waiting for.  Take those first steps on your path to success…

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