‘The computer says no…’

By Charlotte Jones.

According to Internet World Stats, 84.1% of the United Kingdom’s population use the internet today, suggesting we rely heavily on the internet in our day to day lives.

Jobseekers are no exception, relying profoundly on email, social networking and websites to search for jobs and send applications. Matt Parker, a university graduate says: “social networking is what works.” when it comes to applying for jobs.

Applying online for jobs is inevitable in the multi-media age we live in today, long gone are the days of handing a CV to a prospective employer by foot, or are they?

What happens if you start the job application process and your CV won’t upload, the internet disconnects or the website crashes? You turn into complete turmoil, flutter like a chicken and melt slowly into your chair, not knowing what hell to do.

Trying everything, but the computer just says NO!

Technology has almost failed me twice in the past week, and I’ve nearly had a nervous breakdown because of it.

Nat Parkinson, from Liverpool, also lost out on a job opportunity due to technology failing on her, she said, “I submitted an online application and apparently the company never received it when I asked for feedback.”

So what should you do, if the computer says no…?

  • Take a few deep breaths, save your work and restart your computer.
  • Try again, and if it doesn’t work contact someone who works on the website who will be able to give you advice. There is always someone, usually you will find them in the section ‘contact us.’
  • Alternatively look for the same job on another website, apply through a different site.
  • If all else fails, apply directly to the employer through email and explain why you have done so and that the website wasn’t working.
  • Or post your CV first class to the address given.
  • If the job is worth it, get off your bottom and take it to the company by foot.

Say no to the computer and never let an opportunity pass, just because of a fault in technology.

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