The US Elections From A British Point Of View

Firstly, I would just like to point out that this post is not meant to be in any way controversial, or intend to upset anybody. If anything I would like to be educated a little more on this topic, as it seems to me, as somebody who not only has family in America, but a family member who has worked in the White House when Bush was in power and recently has been campaigning for Romney over the last few months, that the Americans approach their elections in a totally different way to us British…

One thing that I love about the US Elections is the passion it creates. Even all the way over in the UK, you can feel it and I found myself getting excited about the results day getting ever closer. I love that Americans seem to truly believe in their party, where as I feel we British lack in the passion for the topic of Politics a bit. We are a much more reserved country anyway, but it feels as if sometimes we don’t care enough as a country. I hate to hear people say they are not going to vote because they ‘don’t do’ Politics, then do nothing but moan when somebody is voted into power over the choices they make. I’m sorry, but if you chose to not use your vote, then you don’t really have a say in the matter at hand, is my personal opinion anyway.

The thing I don’t understand though is how my cousin, who has worked for the Republican Party for I would say maybe six years now, can be so against Obama, when I personally think Obama is fighting for more causes as to what my cousin should be for. Politics in America kind of makes me think of football in the UK. Once you’ve picked your team you stick with it no matter what, where as the British seem to be more willing to choose different parties dependent on the issues being raised and how they intend to resolve them.

Now in my cousins circumstances, his situations are extremely unique. First of all, he is gay. Now, last I heard, as part of Obama’s first term he spent part of that fighting for US states to legalise gay marriage. One of those states being Illinois, which is where my cousin is from. Surely this would be a huge tick for Obama to be in power for him?

The second situation is that sadly my cousin lost his father three years ago now after he fell in the shower from having a stroke, and when he hit his head this caused him to have a brain aneurysm. He was in a coma for a number of months, and when he came around he was not the man he once was. He had to live in a care home and be cared for 24/7. The unique thing about this situation is a couple of weeks before he fell ill, he cancelled his health insurance and was searching out a new policy, which meant he had no insurance the entire time he was ill. It was only because my cousin worked for the Government that my uncle had the care he needed paid for, which meant he had two more years before he sadly passed. Obama is fighting to try and set up a sort of NHS health care plan like what we have in the UK. Surely my cousin would be for this? This would ensure that other people in a similar situation as his father would get the care they needed, because not everybody is lucky enough to work in the White House and have the Government pay for their families care during their illness.

As you can probably tell I am all for Obama. Regardless of other people’s opinions, I think has done great things from America in his first term, and I believe he will carry on doing so for another four years.

Back to what I was subject matter though…do you see where I’m coming from? Would it not make more sense for my cousin to switch to the party that is fighting for things more applicable to his circumstances, or is it a matter of loyalty to your party you have stuck by my our entire Political career? I just don’t know…

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