Album Review: Lana Del Rey – Paradise Edition

November the 12th marks the release of Lana Del Rey’s brand new and repackaged version of her debut album Born To Die, which topped the charts in January earlier this year. The Paradise Edition includes 8 new recorded songs that are very “personal” to the artist, and personal seems the be the most fitting choice of word to sum up the American songstress’ latest offering.

Album opener, Ride, gives a general idea as to the mood of the EP: melancholy melodies, insightful lyrics and a casual patriotism; much like all of her previous work. However, what the album opener fails to establish is the unexpected explicit themes surfacing quickly from such tracks as Cola, where she discusses mature topics too forbidden to discuss even in a mere album review. The swearing and sexual references don’t stop here though, the four minute masterpiece Gods and Monsters features a few exciting taboo phrases – in this song she also makes a nod to her religious beliefs in a very controversial way – God’s dead, I said, “Baby that’s alright with me.” If not looking to stir controversy from such songs, Lana certainly attempts to cover her tracks as the album closes. The one-take recording of the famous unreleased Lana song Yayo, which has for over a year served as a cult classic to the fans, adds a jazz element to the album. Bel Air finishes the release in an indescribably beautiful way, a piano based backing track accompanies the pitch-prefect vocal to complete the album.

Satisfying already established fans and targeting a new type of audience seems to make the album a complete success in the commercial industry and will, no doubt, top the chart this coming week. As a huge fan I would rate this album at a 5/5 with the highlight being Body Electric which will leave each and every listener haunted. As of today you can purchase the album, and I certianly recommend that if you enjoyed her first album, you’ll love this seductive selection of songs. Lana, well done, you’ve created a masterpiece!

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