A Fleeton Visit

The smell of burning rubber and shriek of tyres flooded the air as the Wildcat skidded onto the main road. The sun beat down on my neck while the sharp wind whipped my loose hair. I was heading towards Fleeton, a tiny village nestled in a remote corner of the Chesapeake Bay.

Roaring full steam into the village in a convertible seemed wholly inappropriate; we had flown round in a matter of seconds. But that is pretty much all you can do there and that is the beauty of this place. Home to just 77 people, it’s the perfect place to do absolutely nothing.

Park up near the beach and relax with stunning views across the river and just the sound of the tranquil waters lapping the wooden jetties and moored boats. There’s nothing better than slipping into one of these boats and feeling the fresh breeze tousle you hair as you head out to explore the many creeks, lined with spectacular summer homes hidden among thick forest.

Fishing is huge here, grab a line and some meat and catch yourself some famous blue crab. A visit here is not complete without trying a Southern Country broil. Grab a bunch of friends, chuck your fresh crab into a massive pot with shrimp, sausage, potatoes, corn and shellfish and leave on the BBQ. Tip onto a newspapered bench to serve.

Accompanied with a jar of moonshine-soaked strawberries, this is the perfect South American feast; best enjoyed while the sun dances across the bay and slow country music purrs in the background.

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