Belt Up

Belts are one of the best fashion accessories a girl can have. They have the power to completely change an outfit, making recycling a past party dress easy.

Lets face it, times are hard these days and we can’t afford a new outfit for every occasion. As the festive season draws near I am sure we all have a lot more important things to worry about such as what gifts to buy, what food will everyone like… than what outfit we should wear to the office party, or that one last social or even that family gathering that looms where you haven’t seen relatives for a year.

So instead of running out and splurging on a new outfit (or two in my case) you can quite easily recycle an old dress, blouse, shirt, shorts and trousers by accessorising it with a belt. For example, a little black dress you wore last year could quite easily be revamped with a gold belt around it and a gold bag. Or perhaps you have a white blouse that you love but feel you have worn to death. You could quite easily change it’s look by popping a coloured/sparkly top underneath, leaving your shirt open or half unbuttoned and popping a belt around. This will also nip in your waist and accentuate your breasts to reveal a gorgeous silhouette.

When buying a new belt, think carefully about what outfit you want to accessorise it with. The point of buying a new belt is to save money, so don’t go buy any old belt. You may fall in love with a green belt but only buy it if you have shoes, bags and jewellery which will compliment it. This way you will achieve a sophisticated, well put together look that can guarantee compliments.

The high street is full of belts at the minute. Thick ones, thin ones, chain ones, coloured ones; there is something for everyone.


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