Movember: How Us Mo’Sista’s Can Help The Cause Too

Anybody who’s anybody knows that the month of November brings us the month long Movember event, where men all over the globe attempt to grow those little furry things on their top lip, all in the name of charity. They end up coming in all shapes and sizes, and some end up being more prominent than others, but you can’t fault these men that do it. Being female I can’t say I have any experience, but having coarse fuzzy hair sat on my top lip for a month I can imagine would drive me nuts!

Movember was founded in 2004, in order to raise awareness for prostate, and other male cancers, and the funds raised are used to help with early detection, diagnosis, and treatment, and ultimately prevent deaths caused by this horrible disease.

now obviously being of the female variety, it’s a little difficult for us to join in on this event (I suppose marker pen could work?), however there are such things as Mo’Sistas, who are ladies who raise money for this great cause on behalf of the ‘brotherhood’. Now, I’ve been doing a little research, and I have found some ways us ladies can sport a moustache to support this amazing cause. These are as follows…

 Moustache iPad Shell: £16.00 Topshop

Moustache Bonjour Madame! Jumper: £17.99 New Look

Moustache Stud Earrings: £2.00 River Island

Moustache Bubble Bar Stick: £4.95 Lush

Moustache Drawing Pins: £5.00 Paperchase

How good are these little pieces I’ve found?! I have well and truly jumped onto the moustache trend bandwagon, so this was hardly a trying task for me! I think this trend has come around at the perfect time, and I would happily invest in all of these products. I know the actual products here do not raise money for the cause, however if you look like you’re truly in the spirit of what this thing is all about, which is to raise awareness of male cancer, then I believe that people are more likely to throw some of their spare change your way to donate to a fantastic charity…

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