This Is The End…

There are a lot of weird things going on in the shoe world lately, I’m not sure if that is a good thing or not. Flatforms, Mega Platforms, Banana Heels, No heels! Now, I also hear it could be the time for Uggs to shuffle off the catwalk of trend. They have always been the marmite of the fashion world but is it true? Are Uggs and ugly shoes really on their way out?

Worn by many a famous face across the world, Ugg boots (or slippers as they are worn as in Oz) are either loved or loathed by men and women in our society. News has come out that Ugg has seen a 31 % drop in profits for the first time in years – does this mean we have all finally fallen out of love with the Ugg? In 2010 a poll was taken and they were listed as one of the things men hated to see on women. My guess would be if a 2012 poll was taken about what women hate to see on men, the Ugg would probably appear again.

When they first burst on to the scene back in 2001 Uggs were donned by the likes of Cameron Diaz, causing them to take on a massive following of fashionistas. However, recently they have seemed to topple from grace as soon as the lower echelons of celeb society were wearing them on mockumentarys such as Towie, a situation similar to when Daniella Westbrook was papped in Burberry.

For all you Ugg lovers out there – look on the plus side it will mean no more teenage girls shuffling their Ugg ankles along the pavements. You have to admit, that is annoying.

What happened to shoes just looking pretty? Why do they have to be played around with and turned into something hideous? Where did the sudden need to experiment with shoes and create the Frankenstein’s monster of footwear begin?Banana

One thing is for sure, it is just ‘a trend’ eventually we will all see the light at the end of the tunnel and perhaps we can give a collective sigh of relief when we realise that the winter fads have gone… Let’s not get too comfortable though, as the spring will herald a whole new line of footwear sins, rearing their ugly head from the murky depths of the shoe design swamp – and with the first hint of sunshine I bet there will be Crocs about!

Ruth Harrison Roberts is a fashion writer in London and regularly contributes to Miinto.

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