Book Review: Paper Towns – John Green

I did it! I bought another of John Green’s fine young-adult novels; I just couldn’t help myself! Many a reader will kn0w the cult-internet-sensation novel that is Looking For Alaska, and what that book has become to many people (including myself), so I thought I’d have a look at another of Green’s acclaimed pieces of work. In so many ways it takes the same form as Looking For Alaska (LFA) with it’s easy to recognize form and plot structure – but I wouldn’t go as far to say as this aspect let’s the book down, not at all. Relatable characters, scenes and scenarios spur teenage audiences  to make an attachment to the writing very early on in the story, quite like LFA, and it’s easy to see that, once again, you’re going to get ultimately hooked to every last word.

Quentin’s (Q’s) story revolves around his childhood friend and sweetheart, Margo Roth Spiegleman. A cunning and outrageous character whom enjoys living life in the moment, thought of as a free-spirit. But, when Margo comes up to Q’s window late one night, he was unaware that a serious of intricately planned events were to reveal themselves to him and eventually result in the disappearance of Margo herself. An objective finds it’s way to the top of Q’s priorities, he will find Margo, at all costs. It is when he begins to find clues to the mystery of Margo Roth Spiegleman that things start to become more clear to him – she’s made it his responsibility, and he will find her.

The sheer optimism in this book is so admirable that I often found it hard to put down… Although a little outrageous, in terms of plot, it is a very heartfelt story. Just like Green’s LFA, it has that sparkle about it, something that helps it to stand out from the normal. It also included references from The Bell Jar, which completely delighted me! If you’ve read any of John Green’s work before, and enjoyed it, then this will be for you. Teenagers and young adults: get this – it was written for you, so why not enjoy it?!


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