Music Rocks My World

It’s amazing how emotive music is. How it makes us feel, what it reminds us of, what it makes us do. Music can get rid of discrimination, it brings the world together. It seems to have the power to unite. Think of how many different walks of life there are at festivals, raves and gigs. Different people just wanting to soak up the atmosphere and have a good time.

It fascinates me how music can remind us of people and places. How many of you can’t listen to those songs that remind you of you ex?! Sometimes a tune will come on the radio and I have to launch myself at the speakers to turn it off! It also reminds you of the good stuff. That night you danced away with your best friends, or your first year of university, your first job. How about that holiday that you didn’t want to come back from? Music can remind you of your family, friends and even your fave movie. If you are ever feeling a little down in the dumps, just listen to your top tune and you will be dancing around the house in no time.

The beauty of music is that it is so vast, covering so many genres, everyone can have a different opinion and favourite style. I love loads of music genres but my ultimate fave has to be dance. It reminds me of summer, and I live for the summer! It’s so upbeat and makes you want to get ready and go out, or it can make you imagine you are lying on the exotic beach in Thailand, partying it up at night. Amaze.

Music makes you want to Dance, and what is better than dancing?! Nothing. I’ve been a dancer for 16 years now. It’s a fantastic way to express yourself. My passion for dance is one that I share with people from all over the world. Dance can be an identity of somewhere, for example Cuban Salsa or the Spanish Flamenco. If you ever have the opportunity to watch performances of Dance from around the world I would recommend doing it, it is such a good cultural experience and a fab way to meet the locals. Dance can also unite, have you ever seen a flash mob? Genius idea!

Like dance, music is so different around the world, but it somehow still manages to be universal. Have you ever been out to that Indian restaurant with Usher playing in the background? Or in that hotel in Bangkok trying to sing along to Thai MTV? Have you heard a non-English speaker sing to Lady Gaga or Whitney Houston? They may not be able to speak the language but they listen to how the words are pronounced and they can sing it almost perfectly! (Or better than me anyway, I’m a little tone deaf)

Music is very personal, some would say it is a reflection of your soul. Music to me is the same as what travel means to me. It is a sense of escape. I can imagine I’m anywhere, or anyone. It reminds me of certain people and places, brings back feelings from the past and creates memories for the future. And best of all it makes me dance. What does music mean to you? What tracks would be on the soundtrack to your life?

What would life be like without music?
A world without music would be like wearing your favourite dress without a sparkly, fab pair of stilettos. Totally incomplete.

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