Gaining Inches Whilst Losing Pounds

Teetering around in eye wateringly high heels is not just a hobby but a lifestyle, female wardrobes everywhere are overrun with pair upon pair of agonisingly steep footwear. Bought but rarely worn. So why start on the slippery slope? With a severe addiction to fancy footwear, getting rid of them or abstaining from buying them is not only unthinkable but a crime against fashion so this year, aside from the usual lacklustre aims to shed pounds and shape up, getting well spent use out of those dormant and dusty stilettos ought to be top of the New Year resolution list.

Put away the practical pumps, lay down the traditional trainers, throw out those skimpy sandals and instead squeeze those feet into some long lost platforms. No need to pirouette down to the supermarket in the latest Louboutin’s but maybe slip them on before that long awaited night out and tuck the regular flats in a clutch for inevitable end of night aches.

A glitzy LBD, jeans and a t-shirt, shorts and a blouse; any of these outfits would be further complimented if not enhanced by a new year (sky high) resolution. Indulge that inner demon, that need to be totally impractical, totally frivolous.

Every year people agree to engage in new sensible solutions to life’s little dilemmas but who’s to say the solutions have to be reasonable? Avoiding any physical and long term injuries of course, make this year the year of the heel. Lengthen those pins, improve that posture. With a little imagination, the versatility of said shoes knows almost no bounds, at least so long as the events involve little walking and possibly not too much standing either.

It may be an off the wall idea and there are far more productive resolutions to keep but if they truly are that ‘can’t live without, must have’ footwear it’s probably time to pull them out from the deepest depths of the wardrobe, blow off that dust and strut your way through an unforgettable year.

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