David Bowie is the Comeback King

I am a throwback. I should not have been born in the 90’s. I just love music from “back then” to the music of now which is just “alright”.

As a huge Bowie fan, I gave up hope of ever seeing him live. His last tour was back in 2004 where I would have been 13 years old, and since then he has lead a very sheltered life. He stayed out of the media, with the occasional spot from the paps, but that was it. I always vowed that if he ever did a comeback, I would sell my right arm, (or maybe my left) to go and see him. I just knew it was not going to happen. He is 66 now, and a shadow of his former confident self, I just could not imagine him coming back as Ziggy Stardust, his alter-ego that was so strange but so cool.

I was actually on my way to work when I got informed by my friend that Bowie has actually released the single, “Where are we now?” I had to wait till I got home to find it somewhere on the internet to give it a listen, and it was so worth the wait. It sounds like his old single, Starman‘s older brother. It was just so easy to listen to and it took you away from everyday life. The magic of the piano chords and his soft, so tentative voice over the top makes it perfect. (Of course; I may be biased.)

What surprised me was how he managed to keep this so underwraps. Journalists usually find a lead and spoil surprises right, left and centre, so for him to actually be able to keep it from the public, and then BAM! On his 66th birthday, gives us all an amazing gift; him.

His legacy has lived on. I wasn’t born around the time he was huge, but yet I still have his albums and sing his songs. Teenagers and young adults wear his face on there shirts. He is a style icon with the V&A recently holding an exhibition about him and what he wore. Lady Gaga is the female equivalent of Bowie and people relate the two and can see the similarities in behaviour and clothes. Most adults remember him and can name his songs. If you watch a documentry about him, you will realise that yes, he may be a little strange, but he is a genius. A genius who knew what to do to get his rightful 15 minutes of fame.

His album comes out in March and to build me up to that occassion, I will listen to his previous albums religiously.

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