The TV shows that will come back on January.

I’m a huge fan of Xmas. I love the holidays, with the tree and the lights and, above all, the food. There’s something though, that I love even more than Xmas (maybe not, let’s say that I love them both equally): American TV shows. For a TV show addict like I am, Xmas means an awful torture called hiatus, I have to wait until after the holidays to find out what happened to my favourite characters.

Honestly hiatus is something I will never understand, same as repeats during the summer. I mean why do you have to put on stand-by a television series right when people are not so busy working, studying or doing other stuff, and they could spend more time in front of their PC or TV? To me this is one of the biggest misteries of the Universe. Anyway, torture is almost over, Xmas vacations are coming to an end, and in a few days hiatus will end too.

So I decided to share with you the return of three of the shows that I love to watch:

Let’s start with episode 14 of season 3 of Pretty Little Liars. Our girls are gonna be back on January 8 at 8/7 c on ABC Family. During the summer finale and the Halloween episode so much has happened: first of all Maya’s killer, Nate, died and we found out the Toby is a member of the A team. During the Halloween party Garrett made huge revelations to the girls, and a moment after he was killed by A and his body was locked in a box with poor little Aria. Now we’re all left with a bunch of questions: Mona goes back to school, is she really better now or is she faking? Is Spencer going to find out the truth about Toby and how will she react? And most of all, why was Garrett killed and what really happened with Alison and Aria’s dad, Byron? Hopefully we’ll find out soon.

Bones is coming back on January 14 at 8/7 c on Fox with a special two hour episode in which our couple will be investigating a murder undercover. Buck and Wanda are back and this time they’re gonna take part in a rumba competition. Can’t wait to see them dancing!

Finally, on January 17 we will see the return of The Vampire Diaries on the CW. During the last episode, Caroline told Stefan about Elena and Damon’s affair, we’ll see how Stefan will react to the news and whether he will confront his brother and his ex girlfriend. We’ll also find out more about Elena and Damon and how their relationship will evolve. Plus the epic return of Rebekah.

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