Ever thought what to do with annoying celebrities?

We all get annoyed with someone at one point or another. We may get annoyed with the same person more than once, even more than twice. We get annoyed with our friends, our family, and even people we do not even know, such as celebrities.

Whilst watching the Olympics, my sister was getting annoyed with how many times Emeli Sande sang “Read all about it” in the opening ceremony, (twice) and said that she wish she would just fall down a well, (brutal and a bit old-fashioned right?) This made me laugh purely because I have never seen her so irate over a celebrity before. We then got into a discussion over celebrities who we got easily annoyed by, and we invented “The cave”. This metaphorically “cave” is where our annoying celebrities get banished and when we read articles, see them on the TV or hear their song on the radio, we put them in our “cave” and it instantly makes us feel better, and we are then wasting our time being annoyed by a celebrity who we most probably would never meet.

So I am sharing with you my top five visitors to my cave, and maybe you might start using this “technique” to stop obsessing hatred or annoyance to someone we hardly know…


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