Savvy Student Shoppers…

So you’re a student. This usually translates into being a borderline alcoholic, having less money than the homeless man outside Costa and potentially you’ve been feeding off Tesco’s own horse burgers for the past few months, delicious.

Living cheap is the only way to survive student life. What not to do is, scream when you see the four numbered digit in your bank account and then definitely do not go to Harvey Nichols for a three course meal because you’ve convinced yourself it’s a good deal.

If you are a student, and you have left your mother to fend for yourself, you have to find ways round keeping yourself in the way you feel accustomed. Eating plain pasta for two weeks straight is my idea of hell. Step one: flirt with your butcher. Telling him his Cumberland sausages are the best you’ve ever seen does no harm when he throws in a few for free. Just don’t get him sacked!

Girls, if your face got used to Clinique over Simple, now’s not the time change. Listen up; get yourself into Selfridges, House of Fraser, you name it? Ask for samples of everything! They’ll bend over backwards to decant the product into mini pots to take home to try, for free. Just make sure you mix up your disguise if you go more than three times a week. Why would you ever buy a full size again? And while you’re in there, why not get some perfume samples? You don’t need to fleece yourself dry for a bottle of Chanel no 5. There are ways around everything!

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