Spymonkey review has me all Cooped up

I’ve just seen possibly the funniest play. And I loved it so much, it  was worth a review.

Cooped by Spymonkey theatre company is a fast paced romantic ‘gothic’ horror comedy, with just the right combination for a perfect show.

Prepare yourself for thrills, spills, slapstick laughs alongside toilet humour, with plain stupid wisecracks thrown in for fantastic measure. But I guarantee, you won’t be able to stop giggling.

The four clowns who make up this show play each part perfectly, with a very accessible humour which will have you cracking a smile no matter what your comedy preference. Personally, I’m a big fan of pointless stupid laughs, so this was perfect, but  it’s so funny, you’ll struggle not to laugh out loud.

Their somewhat pointless storyline is brought to life with energetic and lively scenes, with a more than just one laugh a minute.
In fact, these guys have no inhibitions, so expect a little nudity thrown in the mix. I’m a bit of a prude but, boy, I laughed so much I’m glad I didn’t need a wee!

If you have a chance to see this, I definitely recommend it for a real good night out and an experience you truly will never have had before. You’ll not have seen something this funny.

The next two shows are in Brighton and London, but if you have the opportunity, SEE IT, because I promise you won’t regret it. With raving reviews from The Guardian, The Herald UK, The Times and The Independent, go on… Join the crew, and get Cooped too.

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